Car Slappin’

11 Jul

I’ve invented a new game. It’s rather fun. It’s called Car Slappin’ and all the cool kids are doing it. Let me give you the background story to the game.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of running. Like A LOT of running. In the last 40 days I’ve done upwards of 100 miles. Not too shabby. Gotta do something now that rowing doesn’t consume my life anymore.

Anyway, running in Westchester County can be pretty strenuous. Apart from all the hills and busy intersections you have annoying motorists who could care less about the safety of anyone around them. Going back to this past Saturday I was running a normal 5 mile route that has the least amount of intersections and busy roads. The only time I have to worry about getting hit by a car is in the first half mile and the last half mile.

***Sidenote*** I believe in that Karma stuff. You give what you get. Literally every time a car waits for me or allows me to continue on my run without making me stop I give them a nice little thank you wave.

So finally here is what I came here to write about. I’m on my last two minutes before I finish at my apartment. I’m running on Pelhamdale and there is a little road that leads to apartment buildings before the Hutch bridge. I’m running at a pretty quick pace and there is always cars flying down this road. I’m gonna also note that I’ve rarely seen a car go into that apartment complex.

So, I’m about to step off the sidewalk and cross the road when I notice I’m about to have a standoff with a Honda Civic.We were never going to hit but I had to stop myself from running into the car. He couldn’t wait an additional 1.5-2 seconds to let me pass. Then the genius does the most sensible think ever and slows down while he’s in my way. Almost to a dead stop. That’s when he earned the CAR SLAP. I give a nice little double slap to the trunk of a car that literally is causing me to stop running/slow down or almost ran me over during a run. It’s my way of calling the guy and asshole and making sure he/she knew what the hell they just did. This guy was extra fun because following my car slap he beeped at me as if that was going to do anything. After the slap I carried on with my run and finished without getting chases and run down by said Civic.

I’ve only done 3 car slaps in my lifetime… Every time is an experience. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, SLAP that ish.


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