Shout Out Central

7 Jul

Woahhhhhhhh, Jules Allen with the shout out from left field. Thanks a bunch. Granted it was a nice shout out but I feel like I was caught with my pants down so to speak. Not that I’m saying I didn’t love the shout out. The reason I’m saying this is that I haven’t had a solid post in at least a week. (Some people could argue I’ve never had a solid post…but that would be just down right mean.)

She’s right. Followers is what it’s all about. She’s got 15 followers to my 4. She literally shits on my blogging life. Cheap Trick said it best. “I blog you to blog me” Something like that. Maybe if I had a direction with this blog or more interesting stories things would be different. But ya know what? I’m not complaining.

So going back to the shoutout on Jules’ blog
“I’m hoping he’ll reimburse me somehow for that complimentary shoutout : D”

You’ve won a lifetime of free guest blogs. Congrats! Free labor! And of course a shoutout. Give and you shall receive


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