Best Contest Ever!

7 Jun

I am a huge advocate of FourSquare. I’ve blogged about it before and slowly but surely I’ve seen a jump in my friends list from 0-12. So people are getting the picture. Check out this new contest that 7-11 is running. You can bet your ass that I’ll be checking into every 7-11 and chuggin slurpees LIKE A BOSS.

Last year, @Astro_Wheels was the first foursquare user to check in from space. Like many of you, we were super jealous. So, when 7-Eleven and the crew behind the new movie Super 8 proposed a contest to send someone to space, we immediately rigged it so that we… um… agreed that it was a great idea.

So, if you’re in the United States, get your 7-Eleven check-ins ready. It’s a pretty awesome contest. There are over 21,000 prizes: Every 88th check-in wins free Super 8 movie tickets (it’s in theaters beginning June 10th), every 88,888th check-in gets a free Zero-G Experience. And, buckle up your space suits, because if there are over 888,888 check-ins in June, one lucky winner goes to Space! Space!!! (the full list and rules are at; make sure you connect your account there to win prizes.)

You’ve got the whole month to win, so head over to your nearest 7-Eleven (there are nearly 7,000 of them) to get started!


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