NY State of Mind

21 Apr

I feel bad. I’ve had a solid decade of winning. Did I deserve it? Maybe. I’m talking about sports.

I went to Beechmont tonight to meet up with some people for the hell of it, but the Rangers game overshadowed everything. When I last checked, the Rangers were up 3-0 and I was a little impressed. I’m not too into hockey and I am a fair weather Bruins fan but I was pretty sure these guys could hold a 3 goal lead going into the 3rd period. By the time I got to the bar, it was tied. Oh to be a Rangers fan. Apparently it sucks. I don’t know what they expect though. They are the 7 seed if I remember correctly. They shouldn’t be having an easy time with a much better 2 seed.

The only thing I feel I can compare it to would be the Celtics before the big 3. They would make the playoffs every year for the most part but it was always one of the hardest things to do. Once we were in the playoffs we always had to play a much better and higher seed. For a solid few years I had to watch and pray that Antoine Walker could hit the last shot or Peirce could save the day. It never worked out though.

Back to the Rangers though. The fans are pretty damn dedicated, and I’m not gonna lie, I wanted the Rangers to win. I don’t really consider them a NY sports team even though they are probably like the Yankees of the NHL (Not in a #WINNING way though….ya dig?) I guess this a sympathy blog for a team that couldn’t finish the job and will probably end up losing to series as they usually do (apparently). Good thing I like the Bruins. Maybe they can take it this year, who knows? Ya know?

Easter Break has begun. Get it


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