Wanted: New Music

13 Mar
Quality Beats

       It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard some new music and I’m getting restless. The last full album I’ve listened to was Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon which was not too shabby. But considering I got the album a month or two ago, I’ve got this void that needs to be filled! Blame it on the IPhone. Maybe I’ll blame it on the fact that Coach banned Steve Jobs from having an influence on our rowing season?
       The only thing I’ve been excited for music wise the last couple of weeks has been the announcement of the DMB Caravan! Sounds like a sick party bus right? Well, it’s better than that. First of all. Dave is playing in 2011 despite prior announcements that the entire band was taking the year off. I guess I should have expected this from the band that had its final tour date set for Wrigley Field last September and then pulled a Fall Tour up out of no where.
      Long story short it’s a deadly combination. DMB in Atlantic City for 3 Days…(and the concert is being held at an old airport.) That’s some guitar hero sh*t if you ask me. Pretty damn cool. So grab your friends and head on down to AC June 24th-26th. Should be a good time!

Check out the lineup for anyone else you may know…OAR is a nice little addition for me and Dave and Tim acoustic set is something I thought I would have to go to Vegas for at some point! Success


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