Neon’s aren’t made to shift like other cars

8 Feb

My car isn’t normal. A splash of water can change any trip to red mango into a nightmare. Last week it snowed and rained like every day pretty much and my Neon threw a fit because it didn’t like the weather. (That means my transmission stops working and I can’t get out of 1st gear) When it cleared up over the weekend, my Neon was wrapped in all that lovey sunshine double rainbow mumbo jumbo and my “check engine” light went off, much to my enjoyment.

Hell Round 2 was last night after watching Iona crush Manhattan (which they damn well should have). Driving back on Eastchester heading to Pelhamdale it was raining slightly. It was too dark to see but I hit this huge pothole filled with water. Must have been crazy deep because it sounded like someone took a Louisville Slugger to my car. It was gut wrenching. I prayed for an instant and quietly strained my eyes at the blank dashboard where the engine light is. Rubbing my rabbits foot, crossing my fingers, Hoping, wishing…All the above. 3 seconds later, the engine light comes on and I’m stuck in 1st gear cruising around New Ro. There is no hope.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”…Should be written on the door of my Neon

5 bucks if you get the reference


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