New England

5 Jan

I live in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is in an elite club called New England. Crazy right? Being smack dab in the middle I want to call on a few points and determine just which states are better than the others.

1. New Hampshire
Pro’s – Skiing, Tax Free!, “Live Free or Die” Motto, Awesome camping and hiking, Nice beach even though it has the smallest coastline of any state in the US., Liquor barns!
Con’s – cold ass beach water

2. Massachusetts

Pro’s –  Die hard sports (Pats, Celts, Bruins, Sox), Six Flags, Sick Accents, Awesome rest stops on 84 and 90
Con’s – Western Mass. Totes the awkward turtle in the room

3. Vermont

Pro’s –  Some of the best skiing in the Northeast, Maple syrup…duh even though I enjoy Mrs. Buttersworth
Con’s – Tough to get around

4. Rhode Island

Pro’s – Scenic coast and mansions
Con’s – Small as hell

5. Maine

Pro’s –  Some pretty elite ski resorts
Con’s – It takes forever to drive through

6. Connecticut

Pro’s – Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun
Con’s – Gives New England a bad name
I’m moving to New Hampshire. Be back later.

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