4 Jan

I went skiing today at Gunstock in the lovely lakes region of New Hampshire. This isn’t gonna be a skiing blog because I just want to touch upon a little thing called courtesy. One thing I’ve always liked about coming home is being amongst normal people. I get to hear the accents, people hold doors open and don’t slam it in your face. I can’t tell you how many times in New York that I go to hold the door for someone and the look on their face is of utter shock, as if I was handing them free money. Same thing goes for driving, no one beeps here. People will let you go and you will get a wave back. Good luck finding stuff like that in NY. People have their heads up their asses. I’ve come to that conclusion. Everyone is a stress freak and just being in Westchester reminds me of how unnecessarily stressful life has to be.

Getting back to Gunstock, I was heading back to the lodge to get some grub so I took of my gaiter (it covers your neck, kinda like a sick ass face turtle neck). Well after eating, I noticed it was missing. I figured I must have dropped it somewhere in the lodge. After searching everywhere, I headed back outside to face what was going to be a few more runs of face numbing wind burn. And as I step outside, courtesy smacks me in the face. Someone had taken the time to pick up my gaiter and place it noticeably on a ski pole rack. Now I know I may be a little crazy for taking something as silly as a gaiter and turning it into a blog rant but it made me stop and think of just how classy and cool people from around here are. Straight up chill. Just the way I like it. People in NY need to chill the f out and take a nice vacation or something. Do it for all of us. Take a deep breath. Goosfraba


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