I-Phone Tease

28 Dec

I’m on the couch in the living room with Mikey and after the Saints/Falcons game, and what comes on after? None other than the women’s collegiate Ultimate Frisbee championship. Combing women and frisbee? ESPN you foul temptress! You knew I couldn’t resist this!

I got a 32gb I-Pod Touch for Christmas this year. It’s a good thing because my old I-Pod is literally shitting the bed so to speak. It barely works. This new one is quite something. It’s the new 4th generation one so it has a forward facing camera for FaceTime which is pretty damn cool. What do I need a computer webcam anymore? Besides that, everything is so smooth. The Apps, the internet. EVERYTHING. I even realized that my FourSquare wasn’t working to its full capability. I had a hunch but I was finally able to confirm it with the Touch.
Music. Boom. FaceTime. Boom. Thin as a graham cracker? Boom.
This thing is such a damn tease. Verizon better hurry up with their version of the I-Phone because I don’t think I can take Blackberrys much longer. I upgrade in March and who knows? Maybe I’ll end up with another Berry but for now I want an IPHONE. After holding the  Touch and picking up my Storm, I feel like I’m holding a brick. The screen sucks, the apps suck, it looks like a hunk of black and grey metal. It seems I’ve grown tiresome of the world of Blackberrys.
 Dear Steve Jobs,
 Hurry up with my I-Phone. I’ll send you the money as soon as soon as I see a release date. I’ll totally be an early adopter for this one. I swear.
Disgruntled Blackberry User

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