A Day for the AGES!

21 Dec

Well well well I guess I can blog outside of New Rochelle from time to time. Ever had one of those days where it seems that nothing can go wrong? Almost a movie quality day. Sunday was a day above all other days and it was in Foxborough, MA…home of the New England Patriots.

My dad has a pair of season tickets so it usually comes down to who wants to go to the game with him. Since the game was against the Packers, my Packer loving brother immediately jumped on the game since it was announced back in 2006. My Uncle has a pair of tickets as well and decided he wasn’t going to go. We scooped them up and had a little ol’ McKeon family trip to Gillette Stadium.

We started off the night by going to Red Robin at Patriot Place, which is the outdoor mall complex right next to the stadium. It’s pretty damn cool. Anyways, I’m in love with Red Robin. The Foxborough location is the closest one from Lowell too. In fact, there are’t many locations in the Northeast. In case you haven’t heard or don’t share the same love for food as I do, Red Robin is a burger joint that will change your life. No joke. Go today. Go tomorrow. It’s amazing. I opted for the Royal Red Robin burger which is a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on top. Deliciousness. Along with a couple of bud light tall boys I was ready for a football game!

My brother and I sat in my uncle’s seats which are in the corner of the endzone, 6 rows from the field. They’re really cool, especially when the action is happening at our end of the field. Anyways, Before leaving the house, my brother and I decided to bring our ski goggles for added warmth and they just look cool. Well, it paid off. In the 2nd quarter. I was looking at the HD video board opposite the lighthouse and I see these two guys wearing goggles. I easily recognized us because we were wearing rival jerseys and I’m pretty sure we were the only people at Gillette who were wearing goggles. I immediately started to freak out and jump around. This was my 7 seconds of glory! I must bask in it! In my moment of joy I remember saying something on the lines of, “Oh yeah!, jumbotron. Whose on the jumbotron. This guy!” It’s funny to hear what comes out of your mouth when your caught up in the moment. I loved every bit of it and it made my night. We then started getting texts from people at the game wondering I we were there and wearing ski goggles. Fame! Glory! It was too good. At any sporting event, you try to get on the jumbotron. It’s just AMERICAN. I was on the jumbotron at the TD Garden a few years ago but I wasn’t as excited. That one was scripted. We saw the camera guy and he just got on a knee and started filming. This one was a…Holy Sh&*&! were on the freakin’ jumbotron moment! GLORY!

Being fashionable and warm at the same time

The Pats won 31-27. The Packers had a shot to win on the last play but the inexperienced QB ended up being their downfall. On the way out, me and Mike met up with the parental units at Dunkin Donuts outside the stadium. A nice little line had formed and we decided to stay in DDs because we were inevitably going to sit in at least an hour of traffic trying to exit the stadium. Turns out they were closing so they locked the doors and about 12 customers in at the same time, including me and the fam. I felt like I was in a fish tank, staring out at all the freezing cold fans looking to warm up with some delicious coffee and donuts and realizing the doors had been locked. As we were ready to leave and the line had been served, the girl behind the counter said the most magical words anyone could have ever said to me. “Does anybody want anything? We’re just gonna throw this away.” My eyes lit up and I realized how lucky I was. Anybody in MA would kill for a chance to get a free Dunkins buffet. It was an early Christmas! I didn’t want to be greedy so I got 2 muffins, 2 bagels, and 3 donuts. My brother on the other hand fancied himself 7 donuts and 4 muffins, being the skinny fat ass that he is. 
Fatty getting his Dunkin grab bag


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