Atlantic City

14 Dec

I killed it this weekend. There’s nothing else to it. One of the better weekends I’ve had in a while if you throw in the Patriots killing the Bears 36-7.

Drove down to Atlantic City on Friday and immediately headed over to the Tropicana (aka the Trop) and met the Steinbergs for some drinks n apps at Red Square – Atlantic City. Holy Crap, this place was amazing. I have a fascination with Russian stuff from Video games, clothing, and movies. It just so happens that I had finished the movie Enemy at the Gates the day before. It’s about Jude Law who is this badass Russian sniper who shoots mad Nazis during World War II. Mr. Ed Harris was in it as well! (Another fan favorite of mine) Anyway, this bar was awesome. The walls were painted with murals of Russian propaganda, private eating booths where you could close the curtains and eat in private, a sub zero Vodka freezer, and leather chairs in every bathroom. Got myself a Yarpivo (a Russian Beer) and some Soviet Sliders. Both made the grade in my opinion.

The entrance
The Bar
Leather seats in the single stall bathrooms? I wouldn’t sit on that if I were you.
Sick Chandelier
Loved the murals. There was another one to note but I couldn’t find a picture of it.

After the Russian bar we proceeded to walk around the Trop, hitting up a 40’s bar where they only served, you guessed it, 40’s! for 5 bucks a pop, you can’t go wrong! I concluded the night playing Roulette with Pete where I won a cool $100. I felt very proud of myself to say the least.

Day 2 – 

Myself, Michelle, Pete, and Allegra opted to stay at the Steinberg residence because it was free, close by, and who doesn’t love the Steinberg residence. Indoor basketball, Ping Pong, Delicious food, and Perks McGurks. You can’t beat it. No way no how.
That night we ate at a pizza place at Harrah’s which was right next to the indoor pool dance club thing that Andrew, Tori, Jules, Danny, and Cousins spent the night. I played Roulette with Pete and won a few…headed to the Borgata and had to battled back to break even…and finally ran across a divider to end up at Trump Marina, which was one of the tackiest dirty Casinos I have seen to date. Luck was on our side though and I finished the night making $275. I couldn’t have been happier. I had 3 extra dollar chips and decided to play Dollar blackjack with Pete and Jordan but that was over pretty quickly. I’ll stick to Roulette. You can’t win blackjack. Ask Jordan. Oh and Michelle blew my mind and won $71 playing 1 slot machine! She defied everything I believed about slots. Well played.
Overall amazing weekend. I’ll be back at Foxwoods in a few weeks to see Third Eye Blind and help Sonlee win $1,000 playing high stakes poker. We all know he is a champ.


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