Huh? Speak up. I can’t hear you!

7 Dec

Over the past 3 months I’ve been traveling to NYC 3 days a week for my internship. I work at a computer the entire time so if I want to survive the day it is a MUST that I remember to bring headphones. There have been a few times in the past months where I remembered my I-Pod but forgot my headphones. That’s like trying to play basketball without a basketball….It just doesn’t work. Luckily there is a Walgreen’s in Cooper Square that has bee generous enough to supply me with energy drinks ans headphones.

Usually I buy my favorite headphones, which I have owned almost a dozen pairs dating back to portable cd players. They tend to break after a year of use but I haven’t found a better one until now. I saw these little things next to my usual pair and decided that I didn’t need a 3rd pair of the Sony ones. I was a little skeptical of the whole skull candy thing because I associated the product with Ed Hardy and hardcore guido fist pumping. Totally a marketing concept that is on my final on Friday. Consumer Perception. Boom. A+

Anyway, when you take these guys out of the package they come with a medium ear bud as well as large and small earbuds. (In case you’re Dumbo or whatever) I thought that was pretty cool, but I stuck with the medium ones because I like to think I have a nice average sized head. Started listening to some music and I’m digging the music quality. What I love about these buds compared to I-Pod ones that I absolutely hate is that they actually stay in your ear and don’t fall out.

2XL Spoke Ambient Chatter Reduction Ear Buds WhiteIf you have these on you cant hear a thing going on around you. Other interns will walk in and say hi or whatever and half the time I can’t hear a thing. Yikes. Even in the library the other day, if someone tried to tell me something, I had to take out both, not just 1 earbud. Now thats a headphone. Pick some up yo.

Check em out


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