World Cup Fever

3 Dec

Russia and Qatar won the bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively. WTF. Cold as hell to hot as hell. There is absolutely no in between. Don’t even get me started that Qatar has never qualified for a world cup at all in history.


I was kind of hoping the US would win the 2022 bid. I even figured they had the best odds. They threw together an all-star cast of representatives from Bill Clinton to Morgan Freeman. How did we not win! Morgan Freeman narrated our presentation video. His voice is so godly! What were the judges thinking….Shame.

You’ll get em next time…

Last thing I want to say before I go graciously into the weekend is that Qatar even had higher betting odds than us. Apparently you can bet on anything these days. They had 2 to 1 odds while we were sitting in the bleachers with 2/9 odds. So not cool. I really wish the US could have won because I would have wanted to go to a game. Looking back at the 94 World Cup in the good ol’ U-S of A, Boston hosted a preliminary round. On the downside, in 12 years I would be 33. Yikes.
Check this link out. I found it today while readin travel blogs and World Cup Stuff. Apparently it’s illegal to drink in Qatar so you might as well tell the Irish and English to stay home because they will NOT have of that. You Lose! Good Day Sir!

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