Walking in a Windy/Rainy/Poor Excuse for Winter Wonderland

1 Dec

Happy December everyone! 60 degree weather and torrential downpours sounds like a great way to start a month that should be filled with snow and slick roadways!

Imagine being on that bus around the 3:15 min. mark? Pure Fun. It’s like skiing in a submarine

Anyways, I’d like to take the time out of your busy day to briefly discuss a sandwich that his been sweeping the nation. It’s the McRib and I had the pleasure of trying one this past Saturday on my way back to New Ro. I won’t take much of you’re time but a few things bugged me about it.

Lloyds-18oz-Tub-Shredded-Pork_lg.jpg (300×313)

  1. It’s messy as hell. You know that black guy in the commercial who ate the entire sandwich without getting a drop of sauce on his perfect fingers? He’s a liar. I had tons of meat slippage while eating it. It was like trying to hold a greased up watermelon. That thing wouldn’t stay in there.
  2. It’s just Lloyd’s BBQ pork people! Come down to Stop n Shop and I’ll point it out to you. I’ll buy you a container of the stuff and we’ll go McRib crazy!
Speaking of which. I have decided along with Benjamin that a flaming Dr. Pepper shot isn’t going to make itself so we’re gonna go get some ameretto and 151 and do things up right. It sucks that Beechmont didn’t have 151 for Andy’s birthday last night. He said he would’ve made that drink in a heartbeat. Damn. So close!

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