Running like the wind!

26 Nov

Holy crap. I ran fast today. Maybe it was the cold. I’m not sure but I beasted and Pr’d my 10k by a solid 2 minutes.

It switched to 26 before I snapped the picture. Crafty thermometer….

Waking up I knew it was going to be freezing. The thermometer read 25 and I read that it was going to be 19 with wind chill. I should been snuggled up in my bed dreaming of Turkey and stuffing but I willed myself to run the race I’ve grown rather fond of over the last 2 years.

Anyways, long story short. I ran a 6:37 per mile pace which is blazing for a guy like me. So blazing in fact that I finished 12th out of 243 people! 2nd in my age group! That’s a silver medal people! They don’t just give out those kind of things everyday. Though I didn’t actually receive a medal, everyone got to take home a sweet ass apple pie as a reward. I graciously accepted my pie and stumbled to find my mom’s car and warm up.

I had to include my boy Youngblood who beasted 23rd. Congrats to him on setting a PR as well!

PS: Thank you Mr. cool old guy who ran beside me for miles 4 to 5.5. You’re the man. You may have been 55 and done 20,000 Boston Marathons but today…You were MY little pace bunny. I wanted to pass you at mile 4 but you had such a groovy tempo that I couldn’t resist. When I finally started my sprint with a mile or so to go, I looked back and you didn’t follow me. Nothing personal. Thanks again. Your pal Bryan.


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