"Celebrate we will / Because life is short but sweet for certain"

18 Nov

Another post put on the back burner for a week. I went to two DMB shows last week! Friday I went with Jules, Michelle Morrison, Michelle, Tori, and Andrew. Had a great time. My favorite 3 songs from the night were in order!

Friday November 12, 2010 – Madison Square Garden

  1. Lie in Our Graves
  2. Warehouse
  3. Bartender (Folsom Field video)
Coming into the concert, My top 3 to hear for the entire weekend was Lie in Our Graves, Warehouse, and Stay (Wasting Time). Who would have guessed he would play 2/3 of my top 3! What a guy. Just swell in my opinion. The one bummer about the show was that he played 7 songs from Big Whisky which I thought was a little much. I love the album and everything but 7 is a little much for me, especially since the album came out last year. 
He also shortened the encore by 1 song because he had a toothache. No worries though. He made up for it on Saturday by playing the song (Pig) and tearing out faces off with the setlist.
Saturday November 13, 2010 – Madison Square Garden

Our seats for night 2!

What a show! He lived up to expectations on night 2. My favorite Dave show by far song wise. (I don’t think anything can beat being 3 rows deep in the Pit for Citi Field Night 1). I need a Top 10 for the night because picking 3 is way too damn hard with the setlist he threw at us!
  1. Two Step
  2. #41
  3. Dancing Nancies
  4. Don’t Drink the Water
  5. Pig
  6. Time Bomb
  7. Everyday (Live @ MSG 11/13)
  8. Rhyme and Reason
  9. Last Stop
  10. Best of What’s Around
Amazing time. Went with everyone minus Jules and MMorrison, and added Quinones, Rourke, Chelsea Sheehan and a few others. You would think sitting behind the stage would be bad but it was awesome being able to see everyone jamming out, including Carter shredding the drums. We were actually a lot closer to Dave than most of the people who had tickets looking straight at the stage. 
Citi Field 7/16/10
Also, found my new favorite hangout at Penn Station…Rose’s. This little pizza place was throwing down $4.00 32 oz. brews. Just saying. That’s the cheapest beer I’ve found in NYC to date!
I’m glad I got to see DMB again before he his break from touring next year. Looking back, I saw him 4 times. (Bethel, Citi Field N1, MSG N1 + N2) Over time I’ve found that I appreciate the band more and more. My first Dave concert was SPAC in 2009 and I only knew the songs he played on the radio for the most part. It seems the further I go into their discography, the more I see why people see him 20+ times. He puts on a great show and his music never gets old. So, I leave the post with a salute to DMB, who deserve a much needed break, and I hope they think of recording a new album soon!
Citi Field 7/16/10

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