RIP My Bike

16 Nov
This post is a week overdue, but the way I see it its like a funeral. When the person dies, it often takes a week or so for everything to sink and and get back to life. In no way am I comparing my bike to losing a loved one, but it definitely sucks when you lose something you weren’t ready to part with…
The story goes as this. I ride my bike to Pelham train station 3 days a week for my internship. I’ve been locking up that bike since June in the same spot. During the summer I was even going into the city 5 days a week and never had a problem. So I get back last Tuesday and go to unlock my bike and I notice it isn’t there. I don’t know if I’ve been de-sensitized or anything but I wasn’t sad or mad or anything. I was just blah. I looked everywhere. Maybe someone had moved it or the police had confiscated it or something. After realizing there was nothing I could do, no one to talk to or ask what they saw, I started calling people to pick me up because I had night class. 6 calls later, everyone was busy except for Michelle. By the time she got to me I had already walked 3/4ths of the way there. 
This is a picture of what my bike looks like. It was so damn cool. I got that thing when I was in 6th grade or something like that. I took that thing everywhere. I remember biking trails on the bike path in Bedford, riding around the campground at Moose Hillock, hitting a telephone pole on my way to my first day of work in high school and having to go to the hospital :), and of course Erol and I’s 20 mile bike ride that we ended up getting lost and being late to night class. Trying to recall memories has actually been fun because I had forgotten some pretty awesome times. One including going to the hospital after hitting the telephone pole. It wasn’t the best of times, still got a scar!, but it’s like experience, and good bar talk! 
To sum it all up. I’m gonna miss my bike. And in the wake of the recent Glen Island car smashers (now the Glen Island Scumbags), it just makes me sad that even an upscale place like Westchester county can be so unsafe. It’s not even like my bike was easy to steal. They needed a chain cutter to get at it. Scumbag. I hope you fall off my bike when you’re riding it by the school you dropped out of. Have a good life.

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