Who Wants Make enough money to buy a Small Kia

14 Nov

Friday was ridiculously awesome. I got out of work early and headed up to East 67th to see a taping of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with Rourke, Quinones, and Frankie McSpankie. I had been dying to go and it was relatively easy to get tickets because the show has fallen out of its prime time spotlight of yester-year. It was cool to see how everything was run but we all got a little bored during the tapping. There was a guest host (Tim Gunn) from Project Runway. He seems like a cool guy. Def. Uncle material. Why not?

What bugged me the most was that they changed the format of the show. Basically the first 10 questions are put in random order and given random dollar amounts. (Ex. One of the chickie poo contestants had a question asking what kind of hamburgers does Wendy’s make. The answer being old-fashioned. That delicious question merited her a cool $25,000!) WTF! It takes the skill out of it in my opinion. People were only walking away with amounts like $8,000 and $21,000.

Welcome back to Who Wants Make enough money to buy a small Kia?

After the taping, we got an opportunity to audition for the show. This involved taking a 30 Question multiple choice test in 10 minutes. I loved it. It was a trivia test. There were 1 or 2 that I honestly didn’t know, so when they were calling out the numbers of people who passed, I felt pretty confident. Unfortunately, only 6 people got the nod. I’m assuming they only took people that got every question right. Good news is that you can take the test as many times as you want. Maybe I’ll give it another go, next year.

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