Working for the Weekend

9 Nov

This weekend is going to be ridiculously awesome. It’s as simple as that.

Just listened to DMB Live in NY from this past summer. Got it on Warehouse. It’s pretty cool to own a concert that you’ve been to. In fact, on one of the songs, a guy scream “I love you Dave!” If I knew they were gonna be recording that night I would’ve gone for something bold. Maybe a a 1..2..3 Go Gaels! for all of Citi Field to wonder what the hell I was talking about. Jokes on you guys….I made the CD. I wish I could’ve said that. That would have been boss. Here is one of my favorites from 7.16.10 @ Citi Field

Don’t Drink the Water – Live at Citi Field 7.16

On another note, I figured I would have Thursday off from my internship because it was Veteran’s Day. I was dead wrong. We have school off so I just kind of assumed it was one of those holidays where everyone shuts down the ol’ mom n pop shop and grills of some burgers and chills. Direct quote from my boss after asking if we get Thursday off. “Oh…in the real world we work holidays.” A sobering truth indeed. That won’t stop me from throwing a little Salute America bash though. I’ve got the rest of my life to work Veteran’s day. Sure, I’ll be there at 9am ready to tackle a day of tappin away at my computer…but I may need some Chinese food and a couple red bulls to encourage me. Go Gaels.

Do that dance Dave…Hopefully I’ll be Two Steppin‘ as well? 

One Response to “Working for the Weekend”

  1. Michelle November 12, 2010 at 7:11 AM #

    welcome to the real world son!! we worked right along with you!!

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