Cool Kids

21 Oct

It’s that time of year again. We all make the transition from bathing suits and shorts to long sleeves and winter hats. Here at Iona, I always feel like I’m missing the memo on proper attire for this warm/cold/fall season. For example, when it’s raining out, everyone is wearing shorts and flip flops, but when it’s actually VERY NICE OUT, and I decide to throw on my shorts for one last go, I see everyone wearing jeans, long sleeve shirts, and theit constantly polished Nike Whites. *It never seems to happen but I love when the weather is just right to wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt…Nothing says, “Check me out, my choice of wardrobe is contradicting, but I still remain warm and stylish.” FTW.*

Something I’ll never get about NY, that’s one of them. And Cablevision. Over the past year we’ve lost channels like the Food Network, ABC, and currently Fox for long periods of time. This FOX ban is the longest that I’ve experienced and it pisses me off when I’m seeing my bill go up and up. And I love the commercials we get to see as well from Fox, Cablevision, Dish Network, Verizon, and Direct TV telling me I’ve made a horrible decision! Switch over here! It’s like a breakup and all the drama is being broadcast over the air in the form of PSA’s and commercials.

Hey Bryan, we’re sorry about what Cablevision did to you. We don’t mean to hurt you. We just want more money. Need anything buddy? Some Hot Cocoa? Buffalo Wild Wings? Let’s go see a movie some time.


Potential Cable suitors.


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