Applefest 2010

15 Oct

I may or may not have completely overshadowed the fact that I went on a huge Apple picking spree last Sunday. I spent most of the day at Outhouse Orchards in Croton Falls, NY. It’s about 40 minutes upstate and I’m pretty damn sure the metro north has a station there. *Just a fun little fact* I drove my Neon up with Michelle, Nonners, and Rourke. It’s a good thing they cam along because they ended up kicking my ass at picking apples to say the least. I’m used to farms that the highest apple you can get is within arms reach, or a small jump towards the sky. These trees were like 20 feet high! WTF! Who does that? And of course it says “no climbing trees” and “Poison ivy on everything!” I don’t believe you….Well luckily mostly all of the trees were so large that you could set up a small hobo camp in the middle of the tree and no one would notice. $25 and 73 apples later we were finished picking. Now that $25 is for one bag and that was only for Michelle and I. We will evade scurvy for quite some time. (Now I’m assuming their is a lot of Vitamin C in apples thus adding validity to this statement.)

The day at Outhouse Orchards was spent getting fries, some delicious homemade donuts, and waiting 45 minutes in line for a smoked turkey leg which pleased me very much! Oh, and I walked away with a pretty damn good pumpkin too. Success. My fall is well underway.

Now with 73 apples comes a lot of baking responsibility. So on Monday, Michelle and baked an apple pie, apple muffins, apple bread, and Apple sauce (which meant to be cider but it didn’t turn out as we had planned) Delicious….all of them! Still got a good 40-50 apples left. Yikes

First pie I’ve ever made (with some help of course) I’m a pro

*Different Story for a Different Day*

Went to one of my favorite places on North Ave the other day and saw these little guys calling out to me from behind the pane of glass. I had a sneaking suspicion as to what they are and my question to the guy working there only confirmed and added to my excitement! Baked Mac n Cheese Sticks! How delightful! I ordered 1 for $1 and the guy said he would warm it up and bring it to me. I ordered a sub as well (a “wedge” if you live in Westchester County, NY) so don’t think I’m on weight watchers or anything. OK. so moral of the story, the guy completely blew me off so when I finished my sub/wedge, I reminded him and he gave me an additional 2. So 2 + 1 = 3 = 2 Free for me 🙂 They were delicious to say the least. If you’re around 752 North Ave some day…Pick these little guys up. They’re begging to be eatin’

Whose a wittle Mac n Cheese guy…You are!

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