"So Many Activities!"

12 Oct

Look at me! Two followers! 4 if you count Michelle and my mom (whose name coincidently is Michelle…I know my gf has the same name as my mom…but feel free to mention it to my face next time you see me just to make sure that I 100% know for sure. k thanks :)!

This weekend was highlighted by an epic amount of activities! Here’s a list

  1. 3 hour rowing practice with T_Scifes n the Glen Island Geese
  2. A little ice skating sesh at the Ice Hutch in Mount Vernon(which ended up influencing number 7)
  3. Food shopping
  4. Frozen yogurt with Kayla, Ryan, Brian, and Michelle. (Never get to hang out with Kayla but it was a good change of pace from the usual crowd of Pelhamdalers. Note: I need to increase and interweave my circle of friends for optimum efficiency and good time havingness.) I tried the white peach frozen yogurt and it was amazing. Like crazy amazing. Topped with strawberries and I died on the spot. Wish I remembered what the place was called because I’m going back next time I have the chance. Oh..and they won me over with self-serve free sample cups! FTW!
  5. Party City for a little Halloween costume search. Found a costume. Wait til the 31st to see what it is! For those who did see or who like to snoop through my ridiculously big closet, don’t tell plz. Honors system here people.
  6. Pizza Hut! Quinny or Nonners led the charge on this one. We may have ordered too many pizzas and we may or may not have felt like fat-asses afterwards. Especially with the family size order of cheesy sticks which are pizza without sauce. haha. what a world. Oh and Pizza Hut and B Wilds might as well be the same thing.
  7. Mighty Ducks move night! Ducks fly together! It’s not worth winning if you cant win big! You coulda been one of the greats! Quack Quack Quack Mr. Ducksworth. Yessssss.
Yes Charlie…Skate your way into our hearts! And don’t forget
to “Triple Deke” along the way!

Note to self: Begin research on where all the mighty ducks ended up…I’m curious to find out where standouts like Connie and Jessie ended up. We all know Charlie ended up on the hit TV show…What was it called? Frappe? Frink? Fringe. yup. That one. A far cry from his promising future in the Mighty Ducks….


One Response to “"So Many Activities!"”

  1. Michelle S October 12, 2010 at 3:17 PM #

    you forgot apple picking…and cooking…

    and that frozen yogurt was called red something

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