The Michelin Man

5 Oct

In almost 5 months of interning now, I finally got my first “bitch” intern project. The company I am at has the guidebooks that we are giving out an an event tomorrow. On the backs of these little booklets are 3 twitter handles urging people to follow the company on twitter based on region. Naturally, 2 of the handles were spelled the wrong way and it was my job to take white out and “erase” 2 letters from each of the booklets. It only took an hour or so not too bad. It’s also interesting to note that the client that the booklets are for has been dishing out some of the more “unique” jobs as of late. Last weeks task included walking around New York City and take photos with people dressed up as the Michelin man. Unfortunately I was not able to do this because I don’t intern on Wednesdays. It sucks! Perks for that job included $100 bucks cash, Free Lunch, and being the friggin’ Michelin man! I guess deep down, I’ve always wanted to have a go at being a mascot or someone in an awesome costume for just a day. Can you blame me? Maybe I’ll get to dress up as the Gael for one of our fall races this year like Wickers did last year. That would make my year….

That could have been me! haha

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