Live in Las Vegas…An Ode to Dave

23 Sep

3 blog posts to date and not one mention of DAVE!? What is wrong with me….I know I’m obsessed and I’m perfectly fine with that. I am currently waiting for the Warehouse to release the status of my requested tickets for night 1 and 2 at Madison Square Garden in November. Can’t wait. I’ve been listening to DMB – The Central Park Concert at work today and am enjoying it very much. Got a little Ants Marching coming out of my headphones.

This brings me to the point of this blog post. There are literally over 2 dozen live Dave albums and that isn’t including any of the studio ones. How does one separate the good ones from the bad ones? Or how do you go about listening to every single live album they put out!? I’ll save you some time and recommend an album for you to go out and buy. If you’re a true Dave fan, you won’t be disappointed. If you have already given it a listen, you probably already realized that it is one of the best live albums that isn’t that recognized.
I’m talking about Live in Las Vegas, a show done in 2009 that featured just Dave and Tim.

The album is remarkable. I’ve only talked to Michelle and K Harry about it so far. Naturally being a DMB fan, Kyle is in love with the album as well. I just gave the CD to Michelle so I will patiently await her review. Here is the track listings (ripped from good ol’ Wikipedia) and a few comments/favorites

Disc one

  1. Eh Hee” – 6:08
  2. Dancing Nancies” – 8:11
  3. “Squirm” – 5:24
  4. *”Grace Is Gone” – 4:34 – Mellow song, I like it
  5. “Alligator Pie” – 4:41 – A+
  6. *”One Sweet World” – 5:37 – First time hearing this song. Apparently it was never released in a studio album. Love the guitar riff and the melody. Lyrics not bad either!
  7. “Loving Wings” – 4:19
  8. *”Grey Street – 4:31- Friggin love Grey Street
  9. “Kundalini Bonfire” – 4:43 – Another unreleased track. Tim really is one of the best guitar players around.
  10. “Oh” – 2:59
  11. “Christmas Song” – 4:57
  12. Funny the Way It Is” – 5:56 – DMB’s bread and butter
  13. “Stay or Leave” – 4:08 – One of my favorite versions of the song
  14. “Shake Me Like a Monkey” – 4:24
  15. “Lying in the Hands of God” – 5:37 – One of my favorites from Groo Grux King
  1. *”Bartender” – 8:44 – Top 10 material

  2. Kashmir” – 7:13 – Led Zeppelin cover! Awesome to see such a tribute
  3. *”So Damn Lucky” – 6:42 – Top 5 favorite song
  4. “Little Red Bird” – 3:02
  5. “Save Me” – 4:19 – First heard this about a month ago. Love it.
  6. You and Me” – 4:32
  7. Crush” – 7:45 – Classic
  8. “Some Devil” – 4:28 – Giving it a chance. Heard it at too many concerts to pass up
  9. Typical Situation – 7:55
  10. “Sister” – 4:14
  11. Two Step” – 7:58 – Can’t go wrong with a Two Step encore!
**Top 5 Bolded**
Listen to this while your working or doing homework because listening to this from front to back is amazing. You won’t regret it!
On a side not my Neon blew its transmission again. 😡  Brought it to AAMCO for the 2nd time in the last 2 months. 3rd time in the past 10 months. I’m getting sick of the bullshit. I’m still under warranty so I have until November til I have to pay them money for any repairs. The fact that I keep having the same problem makes me feel like they’re doing an inferior job. I wish I was back in MA so I could take my car to someone I actually trust. Update to follow!


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