Cablevision is EVIL

21 Sep

Living at going to school in New York has it’s drawbacks. Taxes, Tolls, Traffic, Road Rage, Yankees Fans, Traffic lights without sensors… I could go on forever. So when my beloved Pats played the Jets this weekend, I got to watch a game that I may have taken for granted back in MA. Of course, isn’t watching the game as easy as flipping on the tv? Not if you live in Westchester!

Cablevision is the bane of my existence. It has really been the one constant thing in my life since moving off campus last year. The downstairs (Pete, Andrew, Danny, and Jordan) lost cable for 2 weeks and just recently got things up and running. Last Thursday we had a freak hurricane/tornado/super storm/end of the world moment that knocked out both cable and internet for the whole house. Luckily we had a guy come on Friday and fix everything. Success? Hardly….Now upstairs has no cable and the downstairs has cable.

Cablevision is EVIL

The point of this is that I had to watch the game under the remote controlled by none other than Jordan “King of TV” Lesansky. After every commercial he would flip the station to a movie or something random. It may have encouraged him to keep it on the movie channel seeing as I was watching the game with amateur football fans to say the least, with exception to Jordan and Shorthall. Jordan is a Packers fan so if the Pats were playing the Packers, things would have been a lot different. At one point during the second half, we missed the first 4 minutes of the third quarter because the riveting classic Jumper was on.Yikes! I wanted to take the remote and throw it out  the window! Alas, the Pats lost 28-14. Breaking my heart. My friend from home Adam summed the defining play of the game up in his Facebook status:

“maybe if Brady got a haircut he would have seen that one coming”

Wise words from a true Pats fan.



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