Getting into a rhythm

17 Sep

Things have been pretty rocky for the last couple of weeks. (New classes, new internship, NCAA clearance to name a few). Today has been a day unlike any I’ve had i the past couple of weeks. It’s the perfect way to end the week. The skies are clearing up (literally and metaphorically).

Getting cleared by NCAA on Monday morning. Boom. Done
Got work to do for my internship finally. Boom. Done.
Weekend. Boom. Need I say more?

The first 2 weeks of my internship were a little concerning. Being thrown into the back of an office complex/epic maze of cubicles, a.k.a Cube City a.k.a. Dharmaville. Whatever you want to call it, it was a little depressing. The good thing about being the first intern on the job was getting one of the only “window seats” on the whole floor (My desk is next to a window). Who isn’t a fan of the window seat? Airplanes, Trains, you name it…It’s one of those things you have to have. My brother isn’t here so I don’t have to switch seats with him on returning flight. So to speak. Back to the point of this…Interns have slowly been piling up back here, slowly filling up the desks like leaving a hose on to fill up a kiddie pool. Some cool kids back here. I’m the only one from Westchester. They all think I have a crazy commute, which I do, but living in the city hasn’t intrigued me for the most part. Right now I’m researching some blogs for a company but I’m not sure which one. Got assigned to lifestyle brands so I’ll be working with Honey Nut Cheerios, Hilton, Hard Rock, Sports Authority, and Smithwicks! Can’t wait for some of the projects I’ll be getting in the upcoming weeks.

On a completely random note I ended up dropping my bid for the Yonkers Half Marathon. 😦 Haven’t had time to run. Ironically enough, I’ve been running around a lot lately from work to class and such. I’ll get back on the horse soon hopefully. I dread missing a few days because I feel that my endurance goes right out the window as well as a little bit of confidence. I did however sign up for the 10th Annual 10k at the Lowell Elks on Thanksgiving morning. 10k is the perfect distance to run, I’ve found. Its quick enough so I don’t get too bored, but It’s long enough that you feel like you really accomplished a lot on the run. This year’s goal is to break the 7:00 min/mile mark. Last year I ran a 7:08 min/mile if I remember correctly. Also, maybe this time I won’t run the wrong way and lose 45 seconds off my time AND disqualify myself from the 10k 🙂 No promises though


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