First entry

16 Sep

Alright! Blogging! Social Media! I’m way ahead of the game….

Or I’m just bored 🙂

Literally my first blog entry. I got the idea from my friend Jules who made it seem interesting. Why not give it a try? It took me 20 minutes to come up with a blog name which isn’t surprising seeing as I still have one of my original AIM screen names from high school.

The highlight of my life right now is an awesome mix of intramurals and crew. Intramurals are in full swing and crew, however, is not. It’s really starting to get frustrating. I was not able to attend an NCAA compliance meeting a few weeks ago because of my internship and I’m being punished by not being allowed to practice. It’s killing me even missing 1 practice. Especially since I was appointed a captain this year. 2 thumbs up! Word on the street is that I can get cleared on Monday, so better late than never I guess. Looking forward to solid season with some of Iona’s newest and upcoming rowers!

On a more fun note, Ryan Rourke talked me into playing 3 intramurals this fall. Of course I had no objections to this seeing as I love running around like it’s recess. The fall intramurals are as follows:

  • Volleyball       
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
Got a little double-header for Volleyball tonight. Should be pretty interesting. Hynes East Beasts…Get some

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